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Elmas  & Kazım

 The first name that comes to my mind with my dream is Özlem Uysal and herlight of eyeÖzlem Organization, which works with success and effort, makes us happy, and unites our dreams with us.   We set out with the Dream Catcher concept and it took me to a white dream above the clouds.

 With my wife, in the most beautiful and unforgettable moment of our lives, we carefully and completelywith her grace it officially made its mark.
 With the brand she created (Özlem Organization) and her sincere friendship (Özlem Uysal), she is with us 24/7, behind us, in front of us, everywhere, and by the way, she does her surprise work very well.


Elmas & Kazim
Selin & Suleyman
Selin & Suleyman

While we were thinking about the organization of our wedding, our paths crossed with Özlem, and we showed her a few images of my dreams, chatted over them, and talked about what she could do. Afterwards, I was not at all interested in the details of the organization due to the intensity before the wedding, but Özlem thought of everything in such a beautiful and detailed way, she added her own energy and positivity, and added many details that we could not even think of and could not even imagine... My biggest wish was to get married in front of a heart-shaped arch. I was very impressed that he did it exactly as I dreamed. It has been 2.5 years since our wedding, but we still remember all the details. Next are my daughter Lina's organizations, of course, they are all entrusted to Özlem Organization...


Duygu & Önder

My dear Özlem, who cheered up my most special day with your smiling face at first and then defied the wind and changed its name to 'Flight, flight, love'... Everything was so beautiful and special! I am very, very grateful to you and your super team behind you. I'm glad we decided to hold our wedding in the paradise of Datça and I'm glad our paths crossed with you. We thank you again and again for everything... We want our son Ömer's birthday, who has just joined our family, to be crowned with your great ideas... 

Datça, 2017

Duygu & Önder
Masha & Farhad

"So it all started when my fiancee and I started looking into planning a destination wedding in Turkey. It was a tough decision at first because all of towns are beautiful in Turkey, but when I found Özlem, everything suddenly became super easy! We chose Marmaris, simply because of Özlem! I could tell from my very first conversations with Özlem, she was a very nice and honest person...Her work is beautiful and she has a very professional team of people working for her. I love how detail -oriented she is and how she listens to you in order to make your dream wedding a beautiful and stress-free day! We did not meet her until 3 days before the wedding! That's how much we trusted her, and it paid off. As soon as we arrived in Turkey, she visited us and made us feel welcome by her lovely smile and also yummy treats from Karen Patisseries (Amazing Baklava)!

She is a true professional and is amazing at what she does, she is kind, patient and has an eye for beautiful details! I texted with her from the US almost every day for two months and in the process, not only I found a wonderful wedding planner, I found a friend as well! 

So, fast forward to the wedding day...It was a dream come true...We wholeheartedly trusted Özlem and her team delivered!! Everything was more beautiful than what we had even imagined! Our guests had a great time and they were all so delighted with all the wedding arrangements by Özlem Organizasyon!

We would like to thank you sincerely, dear Özlem...We owe our dream wedding to you....I love you and I miss you and I hope to visit you soon!” 



Hümeyra & Murat
Hümeyra & Murat

Our couple who shared their happiness with us through engagement and henna organizations in 2018.


Şeyma & Başar

Our couple, who came to Cennet Marmaris from Istanbul in the summer of 2017, helped us organize an unforgettable organization with the Hawaii Beach Concept.

July, 2017


Şeyma & Başar
Julie & Paul

Julie and Paul

Dear Ozlem,

We are so pleased you like your flowers, they are just a small token of our appreciation for the fantastic wedding organisation and arrangements you made for us. 

Our Wedding Day was far beyond our expectations. Every single detail was just perfect. You totally understood our requirements and desires and delivered everything and more. 

From our first meeting with you we just had a feeling that everything was going to be great. 

Your attention to detail is second to none, and that’s coming from a very detail oriented person!!

You made the run up to our Wedding day and the day itself so stress-free. We would heartily recommend you!

You have an amazing support team that delivers not only ours, but your dreams too. 

You are just amazing ❤️ 

Because of you, we will never forget our very special day. Everyone had the best time and thoroughly enjoyed everything. 

With our sincere thanks and appreciation 
Julie and Paul (aka Bird and Bloke)

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